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Frame tents

A large range of tents fall into this category, from the small sized pavilions to the tents with PVC coated cover stretched on to the frame providing several thousand square meters of surface covering.

We can classify tents based on their function, thus they can be either outing tents or storage tents. The frame structure is possibly made of surface-treated (painted and zinc-coated) steel, eloxed aluminum or glued wood.
For the purpose of storage or long term (several years) use we recommend the steel frame tents (braced support and IPE beams), or wooden frame tents on occasion.

The aluminum frame tents are mainly used at program sites requiring greater mobility.

Conforming to our clients’ needs we can deliver and set up our frame tents in a very short time.
It’s also possible for our customers to hire tents for either short term or long term all over the country.

We can categorize tents after the fashion of their use and function as well:
  • riding-hall covering
  • type “Lenszolg” tent
  • salt storage tent
  • grain storage tent
  • marketplace pavilion
  • car shed
  • canopy